Akasa AK-VMC01-BK VGA RAM Heatsinks

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Product Description

This set includes ten Akasa heatsinks for the RAM chips used on graphics cards. They consist of black anodizedaluminum cooling fins for better heat dissipation. Double-sided adhesive thermal pads which ease up the installation are included. Thanks to low-profile design allows compatibility with EK-VGA Supreme HF and other VGA waterblocks and therefore provide the universal use in general terms.

Notes: The heatsinks are suitable only for BGA RAM modules only. Cooling capacity, shape and size are not suitable for use with other heat generating components such as GPU or voltage regulation module (VRM). The dismantlingof the original cooler of the graphics card is sometimes necessary in order to install the heatsinks.

Make sure that all residue is removed completely from the memory chips prior to the installation of Akasa AK-VMC01-BK VGA RAM heatsinks!

Technical data:
– Dimensions (each): 13 x 4 x 13 mm (WxHxD)
– Material: Aluminum
– Color: black
– Delivery: 10x heatsink
– Application: Graphics card memory
– Mounting: Adhesive surface on the back


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